Pastor Byron's Smoked Pork

This recipe is more of a "how-to" for smoking a pork shoulder. You can use this same method for smoking meats of all types.

Items needed:
1. Large pork shoulder or similar meat. This post uses a 8.9 lb Pork Shoulder Butt roast.
2. Dijon mustard
3. Rubbing spices such as: Tiger Seasoning, BBQ rubs, or you can use just salt and pepper.
4. Large mixing bowl
5. Grill or smoker. This post uses a BBQ grill/smoker.
6. Kingsford Charcoal briquettes.
7. Cowboy Hickory wood chunks.
8. Charcoal lighter cubes or starter fluid.
9. Charcoal starting canister.
10. Match or Lighter
11. Metal water container to use on the grill.
12. Spray bottle with some type of liquid. This post uses Lemon Lime Gatorade.

Place several of the hickory wood chunks into a bucket of water to soak. Then prepare the grill. Clean the top grilling rack if needed. Pour a double layer of charcoal briquettes onto right side of grill. Pour charcoal into lighting canister. Place three lighter cubes on left side of grill and light. Place lighting canister over top of lighter cubes. Once charcoal in canister has turned white, pour it on top of the layer of charcoal that you already placed on the right side of the grill. Use a metal shovel or other such tool to spread the coals evenly. Remember to leave the left side of grill empty. Place 3 or 4 of the soaked hickory chunks on top of the coals, place the top grilling racks on grill and close the lid. Make sure to open the right side grill vent about half way and also open the top smoke stack. The grill should get up to 250 - 300 degrees.

Go inside house and prepare your pork. Pour good amount amount of Dijon mustard into large mixing bowl (enough to completely coat the pork. Wash your pork and place into the mixing bowl. Use gloved hands to rub mustard all over the pork. (don't worry, your pork will NOT taste like mustard). Next, apply your rubbing spices and thoroughly rub all over the pork until it is completely coated.

Take the pork to the grill and place it on the grilling rack on left side beneath the smoke stack. Place a metal can or pan of water on the right side of the grill above the hot coals. Close the lid.

After about an hour, go out and check the pork. Take your spray bottle of liquid with you and something to turn the pork over with. By this time the outer part of the pork should look nice and grilled. Spray the pork with the liquid and turn the pork over on the other side. Spray again and close lid. Keep checking every hour, spraying liquid and turning pork over every time.  Cooking time should be about an hour per 1.5 pound if you keep your temps between 220 - 300. Internal temperature of pork should be about 195 degrees when done.

NOTE: Sometimes I do not like to wait 9 or 10 hours for the pork to finish so I will let it smoke 4 or 5 hours then remove it from the grill and put it in the Instapot and finish it up. Or you can place it in the slow cooker and let it cook several hours. The delicious smell going throughout the house will drive you crazy though! :)

Below are pictures in the order of the above steps:

I buy all of my supplies at Lowe's. 

Soaking the hickory chunks.

Begin with good clean prepared grill.
Add double layer of charcoal on right side of grill.

These starter pellets are fantastic!

A charcoal canister is a great investment!

Allow the charcoal to get good and hot (will turn white)

Pour hot coals on top of the layered charcoal.

Add some soaked hickory chunks. I like to use a metal shovel.

Place cooking grates on grill.

Make sure to open the smoke stack.

Your cooking temperature should be 220-300 degrees

Close lid and go in house to prepare pork.

Squirt Dijon mustard into bowl.

Wash the pork.

My favorite kind of Pork Shoulder.

This is after an hour of cooking.

This is after 4 hours of cooking.

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