Gluten Free Beef Stew

Pastor Byron's Gluten Free Beef Stew



Pour olive oil in heavy skillet on top of stove, turn on medium/high heat. Pour flour, Tiger Seasoning, Forward! Seasoning, and black pepper into large bowl, add beef stew a little at a time and coat evenly. Add beef stew to skillet in batches and brown on all sides. Do this until all beef is browned. 

Add all the beef stew to pressure cooker pot.
In same hot skillet you browned the beef stew in, add the beef base, brown gravy mix, water, and the 2 cups of the water, bring to boil stirring constantly until everything is dissolved and you have a nice soup. Pour on top of the meat in the pressure cooker pot, seal lid and cook beef stew for 30-minutes.

While the beef stew is cooking chop up all of your remaining ingredients and when the beef is finished add all along with 2-cups of chicken broth to the pressure cooker pot on top of beef stew, seal and cook another hour. Release steam, check to make sure vegetables are tender, if so, go ahead and serve. If vegetables are still firm, cook for another 30-minutes, release steam and serve.

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